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Saturday, December 28, 2013

- World of Tanks 8.10 Patch Live [ By JAGUAR @ 1:44 EST ]

Christmas has come a little earlier than expected with the release of 8.10, out in both the US and EU on the 23rd of December. Here's the quick overview of what's coming:

13 new Japanese tanks have been added, giving the Japanese a short Light branch and full Medium branch. The Object 416 now leads to the Object 430 VII and Object 430. A new 1000x1000 map has been added - Hidden Valley - while El Halluf, Steppes, Mines and Airport have been rebalanced. Port has been removed, banished for eternity never to return.

In addition, destroyable objects can now be penetrated by AP and sub-calibre rounds. This new mechanic will mean your 50kg AP shell won't get absorbed by a magic crate. Instead, it will pass right through, losing a little penetration on the way and hitting the tank on the other side.

As part of the upcoming graphics upgrade, Wargaming has made a number of revision and additions. The lighting on most maps has been improved and Wargaming has added the ability to apply screen filters. Clouds now have dynamic shadows, lens flare and light rays have been significantly improved, and it's now possible to select motion blur. Because of this, your graphics settings will be reset after installation.

an in-depth analysis of the changes in this patch in our preview. If you want the full patch notes, you can find them on Wargaming's site.

World of Tanks 8.10 Preview

8.10 Update Notes

- =FFL= Radio on the air! [ By JAGUAR @ 1:41 EST ]



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