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☐​ Reach out to your Manager for an enrollment code to XCEL

- "Add To Cart" - Life & Health Insurance License Study Package

☐​ Review licensing requirements by state: HERE

☐​ Schedule exam date through your resident State's Department of Insurance Proctoring Service

☐​ Inform your manager of exam date 

☐​ Study for exam

- Complete all chapter quizzes. Pass your simulator exam before sitting for the main test.

☐​ Take – and Pass Your Exam! 

☐​ Get fingerprints done

-Google “Fingerprinting Services” or call & ask your state’s Department of Insurance

☐​ Submit exam receipt & fingerprints to the state: HERE

- Call your resident State’s Department of Insurance if unclear

☐​ Get National Producer Number & State License

- Call your resident State’s Department of Insurance daily & ask them to check on your progress to speed up the process. 

☐​ Send NPN & state license # to your manager 

☐​ Start New Agent Checklist

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