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☐ Add weekly conference calls to your calendar

- Listen to previously recorded calls

☐ LIKE these pages on Facebook:

Family First Life Corporate

Family First Life Coast to Coast 





☐ Join Private Facebook Group: HERE


☐ Text: JOIN to 760-278-4241

- Updates and Training Call Reminders


☐ Join Team Slack App: HERE

- Group support & communication

☐ Download The Workspots App: HERE

- Select the Victorville, CA Office to stay connected with our team, access offices & monthly lead discounts

☐ Subscribe To Our YouTube: HERE

- Phone, In-Home, and Sales Training 

☐ Join The FFL Corp Email Blast: HERE

☐ Start FFL Coast to Coast Bootcamp: HERE


☐ Send manager full legal name (First, Middle, Last), best email, and phone number 

- Manager will register you in our Hierarchy Compensation Management System (HMCS). You will receive 4 emails:

  1. Your HCMS Account setup link

  2. Your personalized link to SuranceBay - contracting request platform

  3. An invite link to Slack - our team communication tool

  4. A "Welcome To The Team" email to join our New Agent Training email series

☐ Need E&O Insurance? 

- You can purchase E&O: HERE

- Select Option B


☐ Complete Your Contracting Requests In SuranceBay

- Make sure you watch the entire SuranceBay Overview Video and then get started. 

- Create a New Profile with SuranceBay, Request Contracts for all of the carriers listed, and confirm they move to BGA status

- SuranceBay Statuses: 

  • Producer: Go back through and confirm your contract request

  • BGA: Good Job, you have done it correctly and your contract has been sent to our home office

  • Carrier: FFL home office has sent your contract to the carrier 

  • Discarded: Locate the reason, and email: for help

- Check your contracting request in SuranceBay on a daily basis for any notes on your requests

- SuranceBay Help: HERE

☐ Complete Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Course

- Learn about AML: HERE

- This can be completed through LIMRA: HERE

- Complete American Amicable specific AML and upload to SuranceBay "Profile Docs": HERE

☐ Follow up with each carrier in 5 business days after your Contract Request changed to "Carrier" Status 

- Verify they have all your contracting paperwork and that there are no outstanding requirements

- Carrier contact info can be found: HERE

- Keep an eye on your email box for important messages and contracting confirmation from the carriers

- Make sure to look in your SPAM and Promotional folders of your email

☐ Request Aetna and American Amicable in your HCMS Account

- Log into your HCMS Account: HERE

- Go to "Requests" -->"Add Requests" --> Select "Add Carrier"

Prepare To Dial and Run Appointments


☐ Print out these documents to set yourself up for success

All Phone Scripts 

Phone Objections

Dial Tracker

In-Home Sales Process

Financial Inventory & Credibility Sheet


☐ Order Leads

- Watch the lead video to learn all about leads: HERE

- Have a "Lead Strategy Call" with your manager or upline VP prior to your first lead purchase

Order Leads once you have your Americo writing number

☐ Phone Script Training

- Watch the Phone Script Training video: HERE

- Start dialing and booking appointments

- Use the FFL Dial Tracker to track your dials and production

☐ In-Home Presentation

- Watch every video and study the In-Home Presentation: HERE

- Bookmark the Quote Tools: HERE

- Take detailed notes

☐ Product Knowledge

- Learn about the main products we sell: HERE


☐ Decide when to work - Plan out your dial days/run days
- Faster you become self-sufficient, the faster you will be successful.

☐ Once you receive your carrier appointment confirmation and agent numbers

- Register for each carrier you received a writing number from

- Order supplies directly from the carrier

- Become familiar with their E-App


☐ Register for Family First Life Agent CRM System

- Ask your manager and they can get you access 



☐ Stay active

- Active in the Facebook Group

- Active in Slack

- Active in Training Calls


The more active you stay, the faster you will learn, and the faster you will become successful. You Can Do This!


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