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"All of the money to be made in this business begins on the phone."

Three $20k/mo producers break down their phone script, mindset about dialing, and teach you how to consistently book 25+ appointments a week.

Matt Smith - Objections

Jordan Lowery - Phone Tips

"You can be great at this business and that is solely a function of your desire to dial the phone... It's Time to Be Great."

Grady Polcyn - Cementing The Appointment

- Get agreement 

- Clear calendar 

- Then offer two times

- Then confirmation #

- Then house color, 

- Big dog/gate?

- #’s in house or mailbox?

- Then confirm time again

- Then tell them you are adding it to calendar

- Then say: "I look forward to meeting you and helping you"


THE SECRET: Control. Control. Control

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